Floral Playsuit

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Playsuit – Sheinside, Sandals – Carvela Kurt Geiger

Sheinside is a site I actually found out about through another fashion blog I follow, so I thought I’d take a little look myself and found several really nice, cheap pieces. This playsuit is one of my favourite holiday pieces as I’m pretty into plunge necks at the moment. It’s made of a chiffrony material so feels really nice on the skin and doesn’t cling to you in the heat. The back is pretty perfect for hot weather as well as you can probably see; I do love clothes that show my back off a bit.

I did only buy this playsuit for holiday really so I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it back home, but there’s always next year for it to come out again! I just want to go back to Portugal now and spend my days soaking up the sun and going out for delicious food in pretty little outfits like this.

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Floral Playsuit

Holiday Trousers


Trousers – Brandy Melville, Top – Topshop, Sandals – New Look

So the past week and a bit I’ve been on holiday to Portugal; I promise I didn’t forget about my little blog I just didn’t have the luggage allowance to bring my laptop with me. Anyway what a lovely holiday it was: lying in the sun, delicious meals out, and even a go at some water sports on the beach.

This was one of my favourite outfits of the holiday (I have quite a few more to come). I’m not usually a trousers sort of girl, but I thought I’d give them a go as I was on holiday and when you’re abroad you can pretty much get away with anything. Well as it ended up, I love them! These are so comfortable and the pattern is so summery and goes with a lot! Continue reading “Holiday Trousers”

Holiday Trousers

Picnic Outfit


Dress – Topshop, Jacket – Barbour, Trainers – New Balance

I have to say this spring and summer I have been in love with this jacket. I have had it for donkey’s years but for some reason haven’t really worn it much until now. I think it’s because my jacket collection is severely lacking these days so it was this or nothing really. It’s a Barbour jacket but I found it in their factory shop in South Shields where you can get so many bargains. I like it how their stuff is so countrywear (that’s the reason I actually bought it in the first place: to use on walks through the countryside when I was younger) because that sort of style jacket is now acceptable to wear any time, any place.

I do really like dressing up in little skirts and dresses, and a picnic is a nice place to do that I thought. This bodycon dress I got in Topshop and I thought that the black went well with the greeny colour of the jacket. I am not one to be overdressed, for some reason I’d rather be underdressed than overdressed for an event, so I decided to put on my New Balance to make the dress look more casual. I think trainers and casual dresses do go well together though and complement each other quite nicely.

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Continue reading “Picnic Outfit”

Picnic Outfit

My favourite Bikinis

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With my first family holiday of the year just around the corner it’s time to get my bikinis out again! So admittedly I haven’t bought any new swimwear this year at all! But last year I had a total swimwear clear-out and bought a whole load of new bikinis ready for my girls’ holiday to Napa. I feel like what a bikini looks like is a lot more important when you’re going on that sort of holiday as you’re wearing them as almost party clothes a lot of the time. So these are my favourite bikinis and I can’t wait to pack them up and wear them on holiday in just 3 weeks!

Yellow Bikini – A stand just off Nisi Beach in Cyprus

This bikini I have to say is my absolute favourite of the lot. I found it inside a little stall on the beach when I went to Napa and I absolutely love it. I have spent many, many hours searching for that perfect yellow bikini but could never find it until I actually went away! So one thing I would say is that if you want great swimwear make sure you go in every bikini shop you see while you’re away.

Purple Bikini – F&F Clothing, Tesco

swim3 (2)

I hate to admit it but yes this bikini is from Tesco. I don’t often look at clothing in supermarkets but it had gotten to the stage where I was getting desperate and it was a last resort. But this bikini has done me well and I actually really like it, so if you’re ever short a swimming costume or 2 and you’re going on holiday within a few days, get to your local supermarket and have a quick look; you haven’t got anything to loose.

Mix and Match bikini top and bottoms – Both from Topshop

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I am in love with the white bikini top and can’t wait to get it out again this year. However, I don’t know how this happened but I lost the bottoms for it! But it is just to pretty to throw away and so I’ve kept it to wear as a mix and match with some of my other bottoms – I think these orange ones look rather nice with it. And as luck would have it, I left the orange top in the sun too long and the colour got bleached out of it, so now the bottoms and the top make a nice little set.

Brown Patterned Bikini – H&M

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So this is a bikini that is quite different to the other ones I own, but I really like it because of that. It’s made of a lace type material which makes it stand out and the pattern I think is quite hipster!

Tropical Print Bikini – Matalan

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What I especially like about this bikini is the shape of the top. A lot of the time I don’t think triangle bikini tops suit my body shape that well, so I tend to go for the bandeau or bra type ones a lot more, and this one has a really nice shape to it. I wasn’t overly keen on the bottoms at first because of the frill round the edge, but I wore them once or twice and now I think they’re quite cute. But on days when I’m not feeling very girly I just thrown on some plain black bottoms with the top instead.

Black Kimono – H&M

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Now this is actually the only beachwear type thing I’ve bought this year (although I am searching high and low for a white version or this) and I have been after one for a while. It’s just a cover-up for beside the pool or for making my way down to the beach but I think a nice kimono can add some style to your poolside look.

T-shirt/Dress – A Market

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So this one I found in a market in Hong Kong when I went with my family last year. I might actually blog about that holiday thinking of it I have so many great pictures, so look out for that haha! It’s really just a nice little casual dress to stop my shoulders getting burnt while I’m lying in the sun but I was pretty pleased with it.

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My favourite Bikinis

Loose shorts

bday6Shorts – Topshop, Top – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – New Look

     My wardrobe is severely lacking shorts and skirts these days, especially seeing as it’s approaching the hottest time of the year! So finding these little ones in Topshop were quite a relief. The colour, even though its not that common, goes well with both black and white which is a necessity for me as so many of my tops are those colours. I’m planning on buying one of those bodysuits from American Apparel in plain black to go with them and that’s a look I cant wait to try. Continue reading “Loose shorts”

Loose shorts

Afetrnoon Tea

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Dress – Topshop, Heels – New Look, Necklace – Vivienne Westwood

My sisters birthday was a few weeks ago and so we put on an afternoon tea at my house for all the extended family. I’ve always been quite partial to afternoon tea, and to be honest I think if there was only one food I could eat for the rest of my life it would be a good ham sandwich.

Afternoon tea for me is a place to wear something nice and classy, even if it is just at home. For this, I wore a dress I bought from Topshop in the sale for £18; it has a sort of vintage look which I love and makes it a bit different to a lot of the stuff in my wardrobe. I do like the way shift dresses sit as well, I find them quite a flattering style. Continue reading “Afetrnoon Tea”

Afetrnoon Tea


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Dress – Asos, Jacket – Zara, Shoes – Kurt Geiger (I know right, not one from Topshop!)

So Mahiki is probably the fanciest place I’ve been to the whole time I’ve been living in London, which of course called for a dress and heels. This dress is the dress I was originally going to wear to the summer ball I blogged about a few posts back, but decided it was better suited to Mahiki as it is dressy without being over the top.

You know when you see girls in magazines or celebs with their matching bold coloured shoes and jackets, well this is the first time I’ve tried that and I felt like one of them! I think it immediately dressed up the outfit to have the shoes paired with a nice blazer, and added a lot of colour to a fairly simple dress.

This picture I found on google because my one of the entrance wasn’t very clear

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